The National University of Food Technologies, 01601, Kyiv

The main problems associated with healthy nutrition for people of different age and professions have been analyzed. In recent years one can witness the tendency on the world market of new technologies and food products to raise the quantity of new foodstuffs destined to prevent various diseases, to increase the immunity, and to lower the risks of intoxications and unfavourable economical effects has been being prevalent. The authors of this article prove the need to attract attention of scientists and consumers to make new approaches towards creating new foodstuffs and implement them into Ukrainian food industry. These products may be called differently (healthy, functional, or special foods); meanwhile, despite the term, their essence is evident – protection of human organism from unfavourable environmental factors, improvement of health, increase of organism adaptive possibilities and lifespan extension. The modern world market of food production can be characterized by rapid development of a segment of new foodstuffs destined to regulate functioning of all organs and systems of an organism: innovative food prepared either by new technologies or from novel raw materials (novel food); ready-to-eat food; food with special destinations (functional food); healthy food. Therefore, food industry gets transformed into the important component of human health protection and subsequently occupies its priority place in formation of intellectual potential and social activity of man. The new generation of foodstuffs corresponds to the requirement of modern nutritiology, in particular, necessity to provide all of the population strata with available healthy (functional) foodstuffs, because the state of health is directly dependent on the structure and quality of nutrition.

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