Grygorov Yu. G., Semesko T. M., Sineok L. L., Romanenko M. S., Gavalko Yu. V. COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF NUTRITION OF ELDERLY UKRAINIANS BASED ON LONG-TERM INVESTIGATIONS (results of long-term investigations)

State institution "D. F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology NAMS Ukraine 04114, Kyiv

This paper draws on the data about nutrition among elderly and advanced old people, age range 60-74 и 75-89 years, of Ukraine obtained in the series of investigations carried out during 70-es (n = 358) and 90-es (n = 538) of the last century and during 2012-14 years (n = 113) of the present century. Actual nutrition was studied using seven-day-menu (daily playback method) and questionnaire-gravimetric method. Dietary nutrient composition was calculated using the chemical composition estimation tables. Food nutritional value was measured by means of the computer program "Test TRP-D02 nutrition", designed by STC, Viria. According to the obtained results, the worst nutritional status among the older people was seen in the past century. During 2012-14 years it was slightly improved as Ukrainians consumed more meat, fish, milk and cereals but less sugar and bakery bread products. More vegetables and fruits were included into their diet. Still, nutrition of older people remains irrational because of the ratio of separate nutrients, an increased consumption of vegetable fats, an insufficient amount of complex carbohydrates and especially dietary fiber. On the whole, the grave socioeconomic situation after 2014 in Ukraine contributes to lower living standard, and accordingly, nutrition. Further research on the actual nutrition in elderly people should be continued.

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