Bezrukov V. V., Sineok L. L. Live, scientific and social activities of distinguished ukrainian scientist, the founder of gerodietetics, professor Yuri Grigorievich Grigorov (16.05.1931-01.11.2010) (to the 85th anniversary of birthday)

Biology of aging

Kovalyova А. A., Velikaia M. M.
I. I. Mechnikov — the founder of theory of aging and doctrine of probiotics

Dubininа N. V.
Intestinal microflora and its impact on human health and aging

Koval A. V., Podrushnyak A. E.
Influence of trans-isomers of fatty acids on premature aging

Yu. V. Bolshak, S. V. Voronov, V. Ya. Kaganov, T. A. Solntseva
Reagentless activation of human environment,drinking water and foodstuff — factors optimizing electron state of cellular environment which influence on improving health and longevity

Goudoshikov V. I., Prokhorov L. Yu.
Important contribution of perinatal nutrition and hormonal programming/imprinting to pathogenesis of age-related diseases

Kuprash L. P., Kuprash E. V., Gudarenko, S. A. Grinenko Yu. A.
Geriatric aspect of drugs and food interaction

Beliaeva L. Eu., Fedchenko A. N., Lihetskaia I. V., Halinskaia K. B.
Pathophysiological substantiation for using nutraceuticals based on fish oil for prevention of outcoms induced by prenatal stress

Gorbach T. V., Gubina G. I.-Vakulyck, Denisenko S. A.
Influence of genetically modified soy in experimental animals diet on the metabolism and histology of liver and kidneys

Tolstun D. A.
Circadian rhythm of the energy homeostasis in mice of various ages


Pytetskaia N. I.
Hypertension and obesity in elderly patients

Karpenko P. A., Fedorova D. V., Bykova T. L.
Alimentary factor in treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome

Chagarovsky A. P., Gavalko Yu. V., Sineok L. L., Romanenko M. S., Naumchuk N. S.
Correction of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in the elderly with metabolic syndrome using probiotic cultures

Labinsky А. I., Labinskaia G. B.
Efficacy of free dietary regimen in the treatment of patients with postprandial distress syndrome

Bakaliuk T. G.
Efficacy of dietary correction in a complex of rehabilitation activities in elderly patients with osteoarthrosis

Povoroznyuk V. V., Dotsenko V. F., Balatskaia N. I., Muts V. Y., Synyeok L. L.,
Bortnichuk O. V., Gavalko Yu. V., Havrysh A. V., Musienko A. S., Solonenko T. Yu.
Fortified bread efficacy in postmenopausal women with vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency

Yu. M. Stepanov, E. V. Zygalo, M. V. Stoikevich, O. V. Sorochan
Small intestine microbiotes in patients with chronic bowels diseases depending on their nutritinoal status

Manzhalii E. G., Kondratiuk V. E.
Increasing efficacy of treatment patients with steatohepatitis

Kharchenko N. V., Anokhina G. A., Kharchenko V. V., Yakubovskaia І. A.
Impact of personified nutrition and dosed physical activity in treatment of gall bladder chronic diseases with concomitant obesity